Black Ops 2 Server Status Page UPDATE!


For those of you who are curious if the servers are up, you can check HERE. Just like for black ops 1 and MW3  CallofDuty.com will have status updates. On the site you also have the ability to choose what console you use.

UPDATE : The Servers are at Defcon 4! “All online services are enabled, occasional temporary interruptions can be expected as servers stabilize to accommodate new usage load.”

Also, if you DO happen to get the game early, this will allow you to see when the servers are up and running and ready for you play!

Attention : This does not give a live view of the servers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/StillFadingSoul.Echo Joshua Cruz

    I am trying to play zombies on my Playstation 3 and there is an Alert that says “The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 server is not available at this time.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/corymonnier Cory Monnier

      Yeah mine too

      • ricky bitch

        me too fucken dont even know how to make a real game

  • joey badabing

    its like i got blazed for nothin hahahaha

  • gunning goddess

    Actually no they are not. I am not able to get online and it is telling me the servers are down, so I called a friend and had them check and they are having the same problem, please do not tell us “All online services are enabled” when they are not. Or just take down the status updates if they are going to be wrong, it’s pretty annoying.

    • jordan m

      Exactly, i can get online but it says services are unavailable or something like that and when i go to the server status page it says that it is up, BULLSHIT if your gonna have a server status page at least make sure it is right… stupid Activision and Treyarch…

  • floridasboy

    This is bogus. Servers are down, but they’re aren’t going to admit it…. bad for business. But lying about it makes it worse. a_holes

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmishak1 Jacob Mishak

    why wont it let us on

    • ricky bitch

      cause its hella gay

  • zpr0zgamerz

    Same here i thought i was banned

  • MichelleCase

    servers are still down

  • disqus_JiW657eIGg

    Mine are down also. according to my system, some of my friends are playing? But i get a shitty server error? Just this game was 60$. You effers racked in $500 Million on the first day and busted $1 Billion in the first 15 days, but the people giving you there hard earned money cant get good servers to play on? The servers have been TRASH since the night released! GIVE US WHAT WERE PLAYING FOR!!!

    • Jivaughn Edwards

      hes right

  • carl02924

    its down right now….. zombies update and crashed it….your so dumb

  • brent perry

    ( live stream ) Error has occurred trying to login twitch account – Jan.30th, 2013

  • richardspolitipaper@yahoo.com

    its a crying shame when fucking hackers can deny others that play fair and pay their bills,the right to play.It’s funny that i can play one match an completely demolish someone and then the next game they are dissapearing and re appearing standing behind me and cut my throat.What a crock.I have some advice for all you fucking pussy ass nerds out there.Either learn how to play fair and win or lose like a man,or go back to super mario.Leave the mens games to men.PUSSIES.

  • dylan posik

    im trynna do the same thing for the same system it wont even let me on multiplayer

  • dylan posik

    they should just leave the game alone and let us play what we wanna play if there patching glitches they should leave them when people are on higher rounds and needa go to the bathroom thats where i go to sit till i come back

  • disgruntled player

    i would like to know when you bums are gonna get off your thumbs and fix the fn servers so i can play this is bull shit i paid good money for this game and the maps and i cant even play them come on now shit

    • ricky bitch

      ikr foreals i buy all there maps all off them even in black ops 1 and they wont even help fixing the server there so fucken gay -.-

  • http://www.facebook.com/KAZAMMAFIA Steve Ramage

    ( X360 ) BO2

    prestige 7
    diamond assault rifles
    player list update/ patch locks me out of game servers


    STEVE :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/romeo.mccabe Romeo Babyghost Mccabe

    why is the sever down

  • Sasori Ds

    Server not available at this time here……

  • brodie

    this sucks shit i got back from a day out went to play blackops 2 and the servers are down whoever creates the severs is a down right retard

  • aMadGamer

    cant connect to server everytime i try to it says that servers are down at this time and i check the status and the status say its online BIG QUESTION MARK!

  • ropac15

    i cant play in online i dont know why when i try to go play in online game says to me try later or go on network an go satus update can anybody help me

    • Damian Cairns

      mine too

  • John

    bullshit the last two days the error message has been coming up and it still wont work fix it now

  • andrew

    when are they gonna fix it does eny body know

  • xboxHelpGamers

    Hey im trying to play on multiplayer with my friends and im locked out ! Help Asap

    • Jivaughn Edwards

      me too

  • xboxHelpGamers

    add me n1 Astronaut all gamers

  • Frederick Apostoledes

    i cant get online at all, why??????

  • Daron

    Look my Black ops 2 is’nt working so please Let me know whn it does i Better gt a 1.4 R 1.05 R ill sew u four sayin. it SOULD WORK But its Not

  • jason

    what as happend to capture the flag on hardcore

  • shakai

    i try to get on to multiplayer but 10 seconds after it just goes to the black ops 2 menu page

  • Anthony Mccoy

    when i play black ops 2 i cant see my an all people are green

  • Jeremy

    Think after the 1.11 patch the servers got worst anybody agree????

  • keven

    this is stupid all of my friends are online and playing this games dont tell me that the servers are down when they arent

  • keven

    treyarch is retarded and they need to get there shit straight

  • keven

    thank you now its working

  • Yaacob Faidzul

    mine is update error

  • ricky bitch

    wtf its not letting me play black ops 2 i fucken swear 3arc u fucken dont know how to make games

  • ricky bitch

    Lets all stop playing 3arcs Games rhey all fucken lag and shit liek foreals are they stpuid or sometihng !

  • ricky bitch

    LETS ALL sTOP PLAYING tHERE GAMES AND LETS just paly dead island there games dont fuck up like 3arcs

  • ricky bitch

    Fuck there games they suck

  • ricky bitch

    who the fuck came up with that fake flopper shit in die rise like wtf you guys retarted or something

  • ricky bitch

    Fuck Black Opss 2 !!!!!

  • william rose

    I try to play multiplayer and zombies but it says I need to check our website and no info. shows

  • ynzo

    mijn live stream werkt niet door een of andere status

  • John Webber

    Try re updating your system it might be that there is a corrupted file I learned from experience
    If that doesn’t work try a setting restore and then edit setting the way you usually like on the actual system

  • jimmy jones

    this some bs!

  • Jivaughn Edwards

    this fucking game is realy starting to get on fuck nearves now when i go on it this afternoon it says servers are downand to check for some damn information i like wow the people that this game sre real dick head and should fix the frickin problem even mw3 does not go on so shity as block op2 does

  • warlikeliam

    i am trying to play multiplayer it is saying sorry try later sever is not available

  • Andrew Salinas

    What the hell do I DO!!!!!!!!

  • Meman Guy Lane

    i been trying to get online and it keep saying http /www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status for updates and it making me really mad

  • johhhnfhjvffgavhzfgvAHvbhdfvkj

    hope they bring it back up

  • joe citizen

    install updated servers that work you worthless fucking assholes

  • Devon

    How do I get my network running when it says an error has occurred?

  • weston

    haha bitches i dont have it suck my dick

  • weston

    well i do have it and i can play zombies and multiplayer and i have ghostes

  • Jordan Macdonald

    This is really pissing me of I cant play my game cuz of this bullshit error even tho all my friends are online playing zombies

  • Jordan Macdonald

    This is bull shit ive bin trying to play zombies for 3 hours now and it finally let me go online only to find out it wont search for a game tyen it freezes and now I cant get on and it just signed me outa psn fix the fucking problem for fuck sakes cuz ima fucking smash my ps3 thats how bad call of duty sever 8s pissing me off

  • Jordan Macdonald

    Finally got online it still won’t search for a game and I lost my rank fucking bullshit

  • Rafael Tolentino

    i cant play zombies how do i play on?

  • connor

    boo how do you get the update I try to play mob of the dead but it says go to this to play