Vondehaar works with Players For New Rules on 360Icons

In the 360 Icons forum, David Vondehaar, Treyarch Design Director, works with the community to come up with the new rule sets for the third season of the Championship series. Read the rest of this entry »

Leaked DLC

Much talk has been partaken in recently about when the first DLC map pack for Black Ops 2 would be released. On January 4th MP1st made a discovery on Call of Duty’s mobile website with a banner for a preview of the first map pack. It was titled, “Revolution DLC Preview”

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Stunna’s Welcome to CODoCOM Message

Vonderhaar Tells How to Change Match Making Option in Game

On 11/25/2012 @DEavidVonderhaar tweeted out the options you have in game in order change your match making ability. It can change the way your ping and latency play a factor when match making into lobbies. He goes on to mention that even sometimes you may not find a lobby at all. And goes on to explain that the lobby will still put you in the best connection based lobby.

Latest Black Ops 2 Patch Notes Update 1

The following are the latest patch notes from Treyarch released today (11/22/2012). They made some improvements to the live streaming feature, some map fixes, and some weapons. All these things need to be done. There is still more to go but these are the latest fixes take place.
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Black Ops 2 First Impressions

With Black Ops 2 being out for a little over a week now, and with it comes some hits and far off misses! The game itself is very pretty! Great map textures, the new guns are new, and look very well thought out. The next good thing is the “Pick 10 System”. This provides variety and many new unique choices and class options that can be made. What ever the player wants to do they can do it. The new perks have provided many new and refreshing ways to play the game. There are so many options that can be made. You can choose not to have a secondary, not to have any tactical or lethal grenades, or even not have some selected perks. The possibilities are endless. Read the rest of this entry »

Black Ops 2 – Security and Enforcement Policy

Today Treyarch released their Black Ops 2 : Security and Enforcement Policy. This is for everyone. Please be sure to read it. Especially if you are streaming, you need to adhere to the all these rules. It seems like the main offenses, you have 3 chances. And by the third chance you will be banned from playing the game, so please be sure to follow the rules!

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Demo, Dom, and CTF Flag Positions Released for Black Ops 2

For all of you VERY competitive players out there, we now have leaked screenshots of the objective points for the Demolition, Domination, and Capture the Flag game types for the maps currently out for Black Ops 2. Just looking at the positioning of the objective points, it can already be seen that there is going to be a lot of action coming out of all these maps. We received permission to post the images here. Be sure to click the images for a bigger picture, Read the rest of this entry »

Black Ops 2 Server Status Page UPDATE!

For those of you who are curious if the servers are up, you can check HERE. Just like for black ops 1 and MW3  CallofDuty.com will have status updates. On the site you also have the ability to choose what console you use. Read the rest of this entry »

Black Ops 2 will be streamed on YouTube and Elite

Today Activision Publishing announced that Black Ops 2′s live stream feature will stream to YouTube directly from the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 game console. Players will be able to stream the multiplayer, League Play games, and they will have the ability to use a webcam, and give audio commentary while playing. Read the rest of this entry »

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